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Monday, May 30, 2011

LaShanda Henry: Sista Sense Magazine Cover Catches Heat

OMG! What in the world? Why do black people always have to apologize for being black? But what’s so funny, our “SWAG” is always imitated…from our music, to our poetry, to our music, to the way we play basketball/golf/tennis – the way we talk – and to our colorful way we dress. Everything urban is cool!

AND…we are just “being ourselves.” What a sad day for a black person to send an email to tear down a sista who has done nothing but try to promote positive images and intellect via tech to thousands of black business women online all day, everyday!

I love the cover: See

I love Lashanda! She is being real. We should all do the same. Only the bold and courageous will! Thanks Lashanda. Do YOU girl.

It’s what we love about you. That’s what made Oprah a billionaire! YOU got next!

Lashanda Henry and Pam Perry - Branding Superstars!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Deepest Fear . . . (video) and Open Letter

There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

As a PR coach and Social Media Strategist, I see marketing trends. You too probably can see that things are changing fast. Social media marketing is not going away and it is important to understand what's changing and why.

Of course, you don't want to spend a ton of time looking for the right information - and spinning your wheels only to find you've just spent a lot of money with NO return.

As you know, my heart is help authors with their PR and marketing - especially Christian authors and ministries. So, let me say this in love: It's time to MOVE with the times.

Let me be blunt - God put the tools here for you to use. YOU have to learn to use them - and take action. Just praying and hoping you'll be a success will not get you success. Faith without works is DEAD!

The train has left the station. And many did not jump on. So they are getting left behind. People are not fulfilling their mission, their destiny - because they are not using the tools set before them. And many are too cheap to invest in any training.

Our company can help you get going. We can coach you. But we can not change mindsets.

What kind of mindsets?

People who:

1. Want something for nothing

2. Think that God will do everything for them

3. Don't think it "takes all that internet stuff" to be successful

4. Look at others and envy their success not knowing the price they paid

5. Would rather be entertained than educated

6. Make excuses and blame others for their problems

7. Are not disciplined enough to stick with an idea long enough to bring it to fruition

8. Can't seem to "press" in when under pressure

9. Go through life reacting to circumstances instead of being proactive about their success

10. Want to win - but have not committed to really pay attention to trends, leaders and what other coaches/mentors advise them to do

You either want success and work for it - and get it. Or you wish for success and are doomed to fail. The choice is yours.

What's so sad, some people don't even know that they don't know. All they know is that they are broke, off focus, depressed and jealous - which keeps MESS going on in their lives instead of SUCCESS.

And then there are some folks that would rather spend money on another pair of shoes versus a seminar. Ouch.

Detroit, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, the highest foreclosures, the largest percentage of businesses going out of business and one of the worst crime rates and school systems in the country - is experiencing another blow - THE DIGITAL DIVIDE.

Either you can become a creator of content - and control your destiny. Or you can be a consumer of content and have other's control you. Again, the choice is yours.

Don't be destroyed by lack of knowledge. Fight back. Get up.
Quit being cheap. Stop being lazy.
Learn to say no to silly stuff and show up to the stuff that will STRETCH YOU.
Make some sacrifices for your FUTURE.

I've been at a couple of key social media events: Future Midwest and Ignite Detroit. I've spoken at another event with Google and Hubspot. Major money in the room. No recession there. And not many African Americans.

Why? Are so many of us just content with mediocre? Are we that out of the loop when it comes to technology and social media? Is it that we are not curious - and consequently opportunities are passing us by?

You know what insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Time for a change. Time to step out of your comfort zone. Time to learn some new things. Time to make the shift.

Get your SWAG on!
DETROIT > Come out to this event  Saturday: with Shelita Williams. 
She's got swag!
Shelita Williams, author/speaker

Pam Perry PR Coach & Social Media Manager Presents "Social Media Swag" 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Show your SWAGGER like Michelle! Shine ONLINE! Social Media SWAG!

As though no one is watching you.
as though you have never been hurt before.
as though no one can hear you.
as though heaven is here on earth.

Social Media SWAG

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Can You Tell If Someone if FAKE Online?

The world of the internet has created some monsters. You may think you’re seeing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde out there. Anyone can have a website, blog, podcast and youtube channel – and be “branded” in a few clicks.

But it takes more than pretty pictures, a nice blog, enticing copy and some fancy video editing to really build a brand.

Let’s start with INTEGRITY.

Now I am all about thinking big – and putting the best image forward. But when you cross the line and start to deceive and stretch the truth too far – you doing more damage to your brand than helping it. TRUST takes times - but can be destroyed in a second.

So how can you tell if someone if FAKE online:

1. Check their Social Proof. Who are their previous clients? What did they say? Check those testimonials out. Are those just quotes from close friends or family? Who are their online followers? How many are following them in their social networks like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Yes, they may claim to have a mailing list of 10,000 people and make over $100,000 a year – but we can’t check that. We can check their clicks and comments from followers.

2. Google them and check how long they have been doing what they say they are an “expert” at. One of my mentors says it typically takes about 10,000 hours of doing a thing to qualify as an expert. So you do the math. If they’ve only been blogging since last year – I’d be really leery of taking any blogging advice from them – no matter how good their blog looks.

3. Watch them online and don’t just read their emails. See how people react to them. See what they post. You can tell a lot about a person by really observing them for a few months. It’s hard to be fake for a LONG time……you see red flags as you follow them if things are not consistent.

4. Be careful of folks that brag about what they’re doing. If they are doing all that WONDERFUL – you probably wouldn’t have to brag. People would just know. So, when you read an email that talks about them taking a vacation in Hawaii for three-months and their business in on automatic (and they want to get you in their program so you can do the same) – don’t believe the hype.

But you know, it's sad. Some folks want to believe the hype. The internet is like the “last hope” for many people and they love being sold the “dream.

I say, WAKE UP. Learn human nature. Learn to be more perceptive. Learn that there is 'no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.' And learn to use your delete button when you smell a FAKE. 



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