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Saturday, June 26, 2010

How I Did my BRAND NEW Pam ...follow if you want a "A Brand New You!"

By Pam Perry

"See, I am doing a new thing!" Isaiah 43:19a

Stop. No more madness. Life has got to more than the mantra, "too much to do, so little time." Quit collecting emails, magazines and books promising to read them later. All those phone messages - you can never seem get a handle on. Good intentions that turned into bad guilt for lack of follow up.

I received a prophetic word for the New Year, "The old will give way and the new things I will do. Your best days are coming; I've arranged them for you."

Amen. Enough is enough of this craziness. Running around like a Tasmanian monster cartoon. Just busy but not really taking care of business. (How could you forget your Godchild's birthday?) Too busy! Time for a BRAND new you ? Me too.

It's not so much that I do bad stuff. I just don't complete the good stuff I start. After really examining myself, I see what is needed to get me to this place of promise.

There's a spiritual side and a practical side. In order to get where I need to be, I got to do both - consistently.

The secret is in what we do daily. Having good habits and eliminating bad habits is the key. Discipline creates habits and habits determine our life. As writer Samuel Smiles put it: Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character; and you reap a destiny.
Hear this show:
This year I promised to do these seven things religiously. Meaning faithfully, loyally and unfailing. That's why some traditions in our churches are "religious." Trying to get people create habits that will BRAND their life. But not by (our) might, nor by (our) power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord in Zechariah 4:6.

Without the Holy Spirit as the teacher, leader and guide, no change can come.

1. First in order of priority is to Seek God every morning. Proverbs 8:17says those who seek God early will find Him. No matter what is going, I' m going to stay committed to morning-time prayer. By seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteous according to Matthew 6:33, all the things I need to do that day will get done - without the stress.

2. Be led His Spirit. "...because those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God." Just as a mother wants her children to be obedient, God as our Father, wants us to be obedient. When we obey God, we are eligible to all the good He has in store for us. Being a child of God is privilege and a responsibility.

3. Know that the end of thing is better than the beginning (Ecclesiastes 7:8). Finishing what I start is probably the biggest challenge for a creative mind like myself. Always wanting to be "inspired." Too excited to stay with anything until the end. If I am conformed to the likeness of Jesus, I've got to buckle down and set my face like a flint and see things through completion. WWJD? Follow up and follow through. The fruit of the Spirit, self-control, should be enough inspiration to keep me on task and complete projects - on time.

4. Renew my mind daily with the Word of God. It's not a natural thing to think positive all the time. Thank the Lord we have His Word to boost us along and transform our thinking. "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2). God tells us to think on His Word and meditate on it day and night and we'll have good success. When I talk like God talks, it's hard to complain and worry.

5. Be passionate and sincere in love. God calls to a higher standard: to imitate Christ's humility, to walk in love. "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit; but in humility consider others better than yourselves" (Philippians 2:3). This life is not about us - but others. Relationships are vital and how you treat people determines your success in life. Jesus said whoever wants to be great must be a servant (Matthew 20:26). Knowing how to be kind, considerate and forgiving to others is a daily habit to cultivate for life - to have a good life filled with joy.

6. Stop trying to do everything by yourself! Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Ask for help from friends, family or co-workers when you see you can't carry the load by yourself. So many times we burnout from stuff because we didn't know how to reach out to people. Regularly schedule time with old and new friends who inspire, encourage and motivate you. If we spend time with people we don't like because we have to - why can't you make time to spend time with those who you really like and are a blessing to you when you meet. Friends refine you and make you better. They are the gems we don't want to lose.

7. Give yourself a break. God wants us to enter His rest (Hebrews 4:8-11). I am going to make an effort to slow down and learn to say "no." What may be a good thing to do, may not always be a God-thing to do. Did He ordain it or am I in the "work of flesh" again? When stress levels rise, I stop, take a mini-retreat and get centered. Take time to renew your spirit, soul and body.

The secret to success for the whole year is in this first step. When I seek Him about the gift of time He has given me and how He wants me to spend it, my life flows in a divine plan set out for me - instead of one I make for myself. I won't have to go to Him begging Him to make a miracle out of my mistakes when I follow these simple habits.

Sticking with them is what is going to take the work, but with God all things are possible. 
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Faith and hope mixed together produces the results of faith…our harvest.

I believe when God closes one door, He opens a window.  I am filled with promise!   I am expecting!   What do we do in between?   Stand steadfast in faith.  Faith is the substance of things, but HOPE is the hook.   How do we abide in HOPE until the promise is comes?


The Lord directed me to a Scripture that answered my very simple question. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13 NIV).

I said to myself, “I have hope.”  When the situations and circumstances in my life began to change, I realized I really didn’t have hope.   Not the kind of HOPE that God wants us to have.  Hope is trusting God to act in His good timing – not our timing. For our hope is in God not circumstances or feelings.   Our confidence is to be in Him.  Nothing should change this hope.  That’s why faith and hope are deeply tied together.

My faith was strong, but my hope was weak.  Thus, the promises of God could not manifest in my life. Consequently my joy and praise decreased. That’s not what God wants for me according to Jeremiah 29:11.  I realized that I saw hope as “wishful” thinking.  I learned hope is not just a feeling. 

Hope is an attitude that directs us to higher heights.

Hope is patient expectation and eager anticipation.  Not excitement.  Even though we are excited when we hope. In Proverbs 10:28, it says “The hopes of the godly result in happiness…” But excitement can waver.  Hope is to be placed in God’s unchanging hand.  We are to completely rely and depend on Him.  And hope gives us courage (Job 11:18) so that we are not afraid, worrying or fretting about things out of our control.

Now, I know that true hope is: complete assurance of victory through God.  In Romans, it says, “…Hope that is seen is no hope at all.  Who hopes for what he already has?   But if we HOPE for what we do not yet have, we wait patiently for it.”

I heard a minister at church say, “Your patience is tied to your promise.”   At the time, I really thought I knew what she meant.   

Now, having gone through some challenges, I know exactly what she means.  

  Faith and hope mixed together produces the results of faith…our harvest.   Our overflow will come when we wait patiently on God’s timing – and with joy!



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