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Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Still and KNOW......New single by Yolanda Adams

In this high-speed, crazy world we live in, we have to BE STILL and Know GOD.
I am so thankful that I know GOD, and know Jesus as LORD. This is what keeps me.
Why KEEPS YOU? Let these minister to you - and help you to "center" and really know GOD. 

Let go, Let God. Expect a miracle. Stay centered - focus on the important things. Praise GOD and lift your voice & SING just like YOLANDA Adams does so well!

This was my theme song when it came out in 2008, I still love this one: 

Victory (lyrics - cut #3)

I've got, got the victory
I've got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus.
Yes I do
He's our mighty conquer.
In him I will trust all my battles he'll fight.
I've got, got the victory
I've got the sweet sweet victory in Jesus.
For me He died but He rose on the third day.
Thats why I have true victory everyday.

Truly I've been through the storm and rain.
I know every thing about heartache and pain.
But God carried me through it all without His protection I'll surely fall.
Ive been broke without a dime to my name.
But all my bills got paid because I called on Jesus name.
You can't tell me that God isnt real 'cause I've got the victory and that why I'm still here.

I'm not worried about material things I dont have.
I'm just blessed cause I sure that my savior's there.
Because I know that my blessing is on the way
I can't see it right now but I stand by faith.
I've fought many, many battles in His name.
I've held up the blood-stained banner and proclaimed.
That Jesus is the truth and the light.
Believe me when I say He will make it alright.

Oh yeah I got the victory yeah
I got the victory yeah yeah yeah
And if you got the victory sing along with me
Yeah I got the victory yeah I got the victory
Yeah yeah yeah
Sing it with me I've got the victory

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Ask Yourself this When You Want to Know Your Purpose: Valorie Burton

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Valorie Burton Girls Night Out GET inspired to SOAR 04/13 by Pam Perry PR Coach | Blog Talk Radio

SEO + Publicity + Social Media = ?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who are you Following? Is Twitter YOUR God? Or Facebook?

Not seeing much fruit in your life?  Not having any success lately? Seems like everything is at a stand still or worst?
  Don't blame the economy!!!

Are you spending more time lately tweeting, texting and "liking" posts on Facebook?

When we spend hours and hours working social media, soaking in junk TV, reading garbage magazines instead of feeding our mind with life—the Word of God, we are destroying ourselves. 

We have a choice of life or death; prosperity or poverty.

The Bible instructs us in the way to live to have success, “Study this Book of the Law continually. Meditate on it day and night so you may be sure to obey all that is written in it (the Bible). Only then will you succeed” (Joshua 1:8 NLT). James 1:27 say, “refuse to let the world corrupt us” (NLT).

Don’t get sucked in by the media mess, guard your heart with all diligence. If the devil wanted to enter your mind, would you let him in if he knocked on the door? No. He knows he has to come very deceptively. He comes center-stage disguised as a message you have been enticed to receive. Don’t be deceived by Satan’s devices. Reject his junk! 

Disconnect. Unfriend and Unfollow negative people, places and things!

Our world has changed dramatically since we’ve witnessed terrorism first hand, up close on our U.S. shores. We’re not as comfortable as we used to be. A lot of sleepy Christians are now awake and see that the time is now to “be a witness” (Acts 1:8). it’s time to fight the good fight of faith! 

The media is that last frontier and the devil is trying to pull out all his junk and spew out fear, hate and corruption. But read the end of the Book; we win! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that “Jesus is Lord.”

The media has power, but God has ALL power. Who are you going to follow?

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