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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October: Think Pink with Pam Perry

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An estimated 19,540 new cases of breast cancer are expected to occur among African American women in 2009

The overall incidence rate of breast cancer is 10% lower in African American women than white women.

African American women have a five year survival rate of 77% after diagnosis as compared to 90% for white women.

Source: American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts
& Figures for African American 2009-2010

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here's Why You're Not Making Enough in Your Business

I see this time and time again with entrepreneurs:

A person tries so hard to market their business, wondering why it's not "happening", and is frustrated to see that the results aren't coming in. Yes, with most every entrepreneur, there is indeed something to be changed and tweaked in their marketing; namely, the clarity of their message, their positioning in the marketplace, their list building strategies, and business models, pricing, etc.

And then, in addition to this, what I've realized with increasing frequency over the years, is that there is a form of very subtle self-sabotage going on. And it all stems from how a person views himself or herself when no one's watching.

Here's what I mean: You can say "I want to make a million dollars - or even $100,000 - in my business" all day long. But if you have feelings of unworthiness and inferiority and deep down, you question whether you truly deserve it, there is absolutely NO way you will attract that money in your business. Because your subconscious feelings ALWAYS override your conscious thoughts.

And it's for TWO reasons:
 1) Spiritually: You're sending out a message to the Universe that you don't really deserve it. And therefore, you won't actually receive it.
2) Pragmatically: If you don't believe, deep down, that you deserve it, you won't take action. And because you don't take action on the opportunities that show up, there will be no results.

By not taking action, or procrastinating more than what's normal, you are essentially self-sabotaging your efforts. So, for all intents and purposes, it LOOKS on the outside like you are "doing all the right marketing things" but then, at the very last minute, you do something (or don't do something) so that the opportunity goes stale. Essentially, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The solution:
1) Get clear on how you REALLY see yourself
2) Do battle with these negative views of self and turn them around so that you ARE worthy, and competent and deserving of what you want.

It is more subtle and insidious than you think, but when my clients have the courage to do battle with their inner critic, things begin to open up VERY quickly and the marketing will soon begin to "work", which means the money begins to pour in. Makes sense?

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Expert, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program to help you attract more clients, in record time and consistently. To learn more about Fabienne's Client Attraction Home Study System, sign up for her FREE client attraction tips and no-charge teleclasses on attracting more clients, visit


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yolanda Adams - Never Give Up {Video} - HOW TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Five things to do…. To live your best life!

Own your dreams. Walk by faith. Live the abundant life.
It's time to be bold and get that "water walking" faith.

Don't stay stuck in a rut. Move to the next level by doing these following five things:

1. Listen and do what your mentors say. It could be a personal mentor or a business mentor. You can also get advice and instruction from your pastor or by reading an inspirational book. Authors provide a wealth of information - and Christian authors may be the vehicles God uses to get information to you.

2. Be teachable. You can learn from everyone. Never get too haughty to receive from others. The more you are willing to learn - the more people will share with you. If you seem like a know-it-all, you will be left out of key conversations and events that could change your life. Always be willing to build a bridge and tear down a wall. Don't limit God - He's trying to get the best to you. Stop resisting the better life.

3. Write your Vision.
Keep a journal and make it your best friend. Most successful people record their ideas, thoughts and plans. Post your goals up and visualize your future by cutting out photos that are what you see in your future. You will gravitate towards your most dominant thoughts and images that are kept in front of you. The more details you write of your vision - the more likely you will experience the manifestation.

4. Stay free of jealousy. Don't be a hater. If someone has what you've desired  - celebrate him or her. If someone is doing what you'd like to do - offer your support. Don't hate, celebrate. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Those who you celebrate you will duplicate. Success breeds success.

5. Keep your word. The faithful man will abound in blessings. Stay committed to the promises you make to yourself. Don't over promise or create unrealistic expectations - make progress by sticking to your plan and working your plan. Being consistent and dependable are God-like qualities that lead you to where you want to go. Remember that the race is not necessarily won by the swift but by those who endure until the end.
Stay in it to win it!
Pam Perry,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marvin Sapp "The Best In Me" Live - TRIBUTE TO MaLINDA SAPP

A Rare Gem
 Dr. MaLinda Sapp (1967-2010)

Respectfully Submitted
By Teresa Hairston ( )
There are times when even for writers, words are difficult. This is one of the times. My heart was Saddened today when I learned of the transition of our dear sister in Christ, and wife of Pastor Marvin Sapp, Dr. MaLinda P. Sapp.
I know that as we all pause to shed a tear and utter a prayer, we realize that our pain is mild compared to the ripping of Marvin's heart and the hearts of their wonderful children, Marvin II, Mikaila and Madisson. As well, we realize that the Lighthouse Full life Center Church in Grand Rapids, MI has lost its first and leading lady.
MaLinda supported and served her family. She was gifted and intelligent in her own right. In fact, she was so smart that she submitted to the season and position to which God had called her husband, and she was his backbone.
Although Marvin has burst onto the front lines of Gospel most noticeably in the last few years, MaLinda was there with him from the beginning. I'm so glad that she got to experience the foretaste of glory in seeing his career blossom.
I recently interviewed Marvin for the cover story of Gospel Today (Sep.Oct 2010), and he pointed out that his hit song, "Never Would Have Made It" was borne out of the pain of his father's passing. "Initially, I wasn't going to record it," he said, "but my wife (MaLinda) actually pushed me. Boy! Did she bug me about it! Even up to the week of the recording, we weren't going to do that song, but I said, 'I'll just put it in a medley of songs to appease her.' From there, it was unbelievable! It was a dream come true."

MaLinda made Marvin's dreams come true--on and off stage; that was her assignment, and she fulfilled it well. "She keeps me grounded," he confirmed. "I still have to take out the garbage and help with the kids," he told me in the interview.

MaLinda was the priceless treasure that Proverbs 31 speaks of whose worth was "far above rubies."
She was more valuable than a rare gem. She had an inner beauty and a strength of character and a moral firmness that made her a shining example of a Christian mother, wife and woman.

Thank you, sis, for your life.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bittersweet Busy-ness

Once a year we have certain dates we mark off: Christmas, birthdays and other special days we deem important like Valentine’s or Sweetest Day. Then we also set time aside for weddings and funerals – those are the things we’re obligated to attend. Sometimes in our mad little rush of making a living, we forget about those other days in between.

Mothers need to connect with other mothers on a regular basis and not just at a birthday party or latchkey pickup. A generation ago, mothers had support. Less mothers worked outside the home. They lived in neighborhoods that focused on raising children and doing everything together as a family.

Today, neighborhoods spread across the gamut because we work downtown, take kids to school in Southfield, live on the eastside and go to church on the Westside and have friends all over the map.

No one has a simple life anymore. My mother and her friends don’t understand.   “You seem so stressed?”  I tell them my life resembles “I love Lucy” only this Lucy works two jobs with more demands on her time.  And Ethel is nowhere around – she’s trying create her dream life too. Our comic relief looking at each other with that look that says, “Girl, me too.”

The information age has turned into information overload.  Forty years ago our options were simpler and friends lived closer.  With less to do and more people readily available in a support network, life was different back then.  Television was a main staple with only four or so stations. Now, we have the hundreds of channels and the endless Internet and computer games to entertain us. Too many choices.

With more opportunity comes more responsibility – which equals less time. And sure, there’s more stress.  This is the most remarkable time in history – we’re living like the “Jetsons.” What’s lacking are those friends and/or family that help us connect the dots of our lives and create a climate of balance.

Everyone needs a friend to pull you out of a pit or to cheer you across the finish line.  I have had friends who have encouraged me to do an outburst of things I would’ve never done on my own – with success.  Then I have friends that know just when to hand me a box of Kleenex.  But the main thing I love my friends for is their conversation, companionship and commitment to God and each other.

Creating balance means connecting with others. Women are natural communicators.  We love to express our thoughts, feelings, revelations, insights, hurts, hopes and desires.  If I don’t regularly express myself, my “inbox” overflows and I feel like I am about to explode. We all need friends who we share our lives with – what good are blessings if they’re not shared?  How can a burden be lighter, if it’s not lifted together?  God created us to need each other. 

Those myriad of  mommy’s who work full-time outside a home, run a business on the side, raise and family and try to still look attractive and be a good wife, mother, daughter and friend run into stress. 

TAZ moms who don’t have time to make a phone call or send a birthday card aren’t mean and uncaring.  They just simply need support – not criticism. 

If more of us would give time more to others, we’d have more people that would help us manage and balance our busy lives.  We do reap what we sow.  If we find ourselves lonely with no support, chances are we have not taken the time to “show ourselves friendly” to others.  

Friendship is a sweet responsibility.  It demands time to be kind. Share this post with YOUR friends. 

Can you relate to this your comments.

Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist



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