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Monday, April 7, 2014

Humble is an understatement

Monday, February 4, 2013

I once was disgruntled…

I once was disgruntled… (guest post)

  I once was disgruntled…
 But once again, my God saved the day. (And my life)
So recently I had an epiphany. It wasn’t anything that other people like me don’t already know – and when I say people like me, I mean single Christian women who think they want to be married or know they want to be married. I realized that marriage is not the defining experience of a woman’s life. I’ll say that again in a different way…Marriage doesn’t make a woman whole. Only God can do that.
But up to this point, I’ve been on a long journey in regards to marriage. I remember when I was about 16 or 17 I had a moment where I realized I wanted to be married. After that – graduating from high school, college, grad school and a few years in the Navy – I wasn’t so sure anymore. In fact, at one point I was sure I didn’t want to be married. But one day again, something inside me was telling me that wasn’t it either. I wasn’t walking with God, so I brushed it off and just moved on.
A few months ago, I was obsessed with hearing God’s voice. I realize now that it was because I finally had a relationship with Him. So one day in my prayer time with Him, He put words in my spirit that let me know I didn’t know what the end would be for my life, but that He was going to see me through. But that still didn’t quiet the restlessness in my heart. I finally broke down one day and told God “Okay…can you just let me know whether or not I’m supposed to be single or married? So I can at least know what I’m supposed to be doing?”
Well, He led me to Isaiah 30. And what He was telling me through this scripture was that the moment I could hand over to Him all these concerns and questions…that would be the moment I would be ready to meet my husband. I knew He was telling me that in order for me to enjoy and appreciate the marriage He had for me, I had to focus on Him and make Him first.
So for the next few days or possibly weeks, I’m going to write about my experience with this passage. I hope it blesses you wherever you are in your journey for preparing for God’s earthly husband for you.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sounds of Blackness ~ Fly Again #dream2013

"The Common Problem I See"

From the Desk of Pam Perry    

Dear Coach, Consulting, Authorpreneur, Speaker Friend:

How often do you find yourself saying, "I wish I could get enough buzz going so I can attract more business and be a bigger brand - because I love what I do and want to make a difference."

Unfortunately, too many have great skills their field of expertise, but don't know how to attract the SHINE ONLINE they need to move forward.

This is a common problem that I hear over and over again.

Frequently, I get calls and emails from folks that express to me in private their feelings of frustration and anxiety in their online branding and marketing efforts.

  Perhaps, there are times when even you feel...
  • Frustrated with your inability to attract new clients.
  • Tired of social networking with little or no results.
  • Discouraged because you can't seem to turn interested prospects into paying clients or customers.
  • Annoyed because you're not getting the type or size of projects you'd hoped for.
  • Puzzled as to what marketing tactics you should be using and how to use them.
  • Confused because you are just starting out and don't know how to get a handle on all this social media and online branding stuff.
This is understandable.  You see, you were probably trained in how to a specialist in your area of expertise.  But no one taught you how to brand.

Or you might have been taught basic marketing principles but you no one ever explained how to actually implement the tactics you were taught.

I've even known people that got so frustrated that they called it quits. 

Please don't do that!

If you...
  • Want to learn How to Brand Better
  • Want to know How to Leverage the Internet
  • Want to hear How others are making their online marketing work

...then I think you would benefit from Branding Superstar University.

But this isn't a "magic bullet." You're going to have to show up, do the work and follow through on all the advice given.  And do more than one class!  
This program is different. It is Personal and Hands-On. In these LIVE Bi-Weekly Teleclasses with me, you can ask me anything!   

I'm always amazed at how one person I coach makes a lot of money while others aren't making any at all.

It's because they don't know how to BRAND themselves.  

You see, you can be the best coach, speaker, authorpreneur or consultant in the world.  You may be able to turn people's lives around -- but if no one knows about you and what you can do for them, you'll go no where.

You see, Your Primary Job is NOT Coaching, Writing or Consulting;
it's the BRANDING of Your Coaching, Writing and Consulting Services!"

Don't faint.  I know. You're like, WHAT?  

...I'm going to teach you how to brand yourself with authority, professionalism and fun!  
 And the fact is, as much as you don't want to sell yourself, people don't want to be sold to.  No one wants to believe they got "sold."

In Branding Superstar University you will learn "Attraction" Marketing - step by step.
Each class is just $7 bucks through January.  

To Your Superstar Success in 2013,  
Pam Perry, PR Coach

 branding superstar university logo pam perry

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fourth Quarter Focus: Unity in the Community, Help Those in Need!

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love.  Honor one another above yourselves.” – Romans 12:10

            It’s the same old record but in a different form.  It’s a CD this time, not a cassette tape.  When we will we get it?  We can’t win this thing alone.  I’ve seen organization after organization die because the leaders would rather run their small group than to merge together and create a larger, more effective group.  There’s strength in numbers.

            It all started with our search for significance and the need to feel important.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called it the “drum major instinct.”  He said in a speech that folks struggle with the “I must be out front; I must be first.”

            No one wants to follow.  Everyone wants to lead.  Eventually you have a group of folks who all want to be leaders and then the thing dies because no one is working on the vision.  Would we rather have a small piece of something or all of nothing?  Collaboration works.  Strategic alliances are powerful. 

            If we take the advice Jesus left in his Word, African Americans would not still be struggling today.  I see so many people hoarding information and competing over crumbs that the real goal is lost.  Jealousy is deadly.  No one wins.  We must learn to work together and quit drinking “hater-aide” and eating “hater tots.”

            I’m like this:  If I know your lane, I will try to help you.  I won’t try to run in you lane.  I will not reinvent a wheel and try to claim it was my idea.  That’s dumb.  If I see a need that is not being met and I feel strongly about it, I’ll create something.  But if I see that need being met by another group, I will help that group or give them resources to do what they do best.   

Giving instead of draining is what is important to me.  

The point is really not about how I’m perceived but how the overall mission and purpose is accomplished.

            We’ve got to check our motives constantly.  That’s why the psalmist David said; “Search me, O God, and know my heart, and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting” (Psalm 139:24).   Wicked means selfish, self-absorbed and trying to be self important.  We know we’re God’s children and that should be enough.  When we try to impress others – that’s when we lose our focus and destroy the purpose of very meaningful movements and organizations.

            God has created each of us with a specific purpose. My flavor is not like yours – but they’re all needed in the cornucopia of life.  There are oodles of things we can do.  There’s a lot of our community needs.  We don’t need to split hairs.  God – not egos – should drive our mission in life.  When we’re in a race, it shouldn’t matter who is going to cross the line and break the ribbon, but what part you played on the winning team.   

Be the runner that passes the baton to the next runner – not the one who makes the team lose because you’re focusing on the wrong things.



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