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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unconditional: The Most Moving Movie of the Year!

Unconditional Now In Theaters!

Looking for some inspiration this weekend? Then head to the movies and experience UNCONDITIONAL as it opens in theaters across the United States!
Bishop Neil Ellis says, "UNCONDITIONAL is a movie that will remind you that there is enough love to go around. All you have to do is share it."
Bestselling author Ron Hall (Same Kind of Different As Me) says, "UNCONDITIONAL tells a beautiful story that reminds me afresh of the powerful impact of reaching out to help another."
Pastor Hart Ramsey says, "UNCONDITIONAL is incredible. I was moved and surprised by this powerful film."
October Baby co-director Jon Erwin says, "UNCONDITIONAL plays out beautifully on the big screen - and in your heart. See this movie and be inspired to make a difference."

As an independent film, UNCONDITIONAL is limited in the number of theaters in which it can open. Yet a strong opening weekend will allow the movie’s impact to expand into more theaters in more cities. If it’s playing near you, make plans to see and support the movie. If it’s not, encourage your friends in towns where it is playing to see it this weekend. 

Portia said it was "Awesome!"

want to get into doing PR for movies? 

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