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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I have a secret - It's how I make and off!

I got a secret: It takes money to make money.

No, it doesn’t come out of the sky. 
It doesn’t come when you lay money on the altar. 
It’s not going to happen when you get hands laid on you.

It’s going to take an investment in WISDOM.  Get some smarts. Get some information.

If you want to WIN this game you gotta "Pay to Play."

That’s what we have to do. When did it become so popular to follow the  "get rich quick" schemes among so many people of "FAITH?" 

Last I heard, faith without works is dead. 
And that God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Buttom line: Get smart.  Buy some books. Apply the wisdom. Pay for knowledge. 
Invest in coaching if you need it (and who doesn’t?)  

 And get to work!  And THEN you’ll get PAID.

If you think it’s going to happen any other way - well,  I got some swamp land for you. 
Listen to this teleseminar - and maybe see what I mean and get a revelation. 
P.S. I never had a problem paying for knowledge. I paid for my own education. And I continue to invest in books, coaching programs, audio programs - and I've learned the internet and how it works - and I make money online. But I had to pay to play.  

Anything worth having - doesn't come cheap! 

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