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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does Black mean "wrong" or "bad" to you?

What makes a black author decide on a book cover of a “genric” person – that is a white person?

Or what makes a black person go out of their way to pay more for services from a white person rather than patronize their own?

Or how about when a black person won’t join an organization if there are “too many” other black folk there already – thinking the organization must be inferior.


You know what you call that?  Insanity.

  George Fraser, author of Success Runs in Our Race, quoted a study that said “Black folks in America are the only species on the planet that will not do things in their own best interest.”
Click THIS link to play video>>>>> George Fraser

What he means is that it’s in our own best interest to:
  1. Support one another
  2. Do business with one another
  3. Promote each other
  4. Refer each other
  5. Help each

When a community does this, it is in the best interest of each other – it makes the whole community better. 

It grows and flourishes.  No more ghettos.  Success in our race.

When black folks support, promote, refer and help each other – a lot of ills in our community, especially in the urban areas, would go away. 

We are the only race of folks in America who do not feel connected with one another to support one another.  

And when some of us do support/promote/help each other, we feel we have make an apology for it.  Why are we the only ones who have to make an apology for doing business with each other?  

Other races help one another – you never see Jewish people or Asian people having to make apologies or excuses for doing business with their own. Why is it so hard for African Americans? 

I'm just sayin'............whatcha think?

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