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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tired of Being Broke? Dare to Prosper! (Audio Interview with Kadena Tate)

Attention: Author, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, 
Trainer, Small Business Owner
and Service-Based Entrepreneur

Are you ready to stand in your power, speak your truth and engage in mutually beneficial client relationships where you are compensated for the value of your time, undivided attention and intellectual capital? 

Are you ready to play a bigger game with clients who appreciate and respect you?

You know you're great at what you do. You never hesitate to give your clients your best and create incredible results. So why is it so hard to charge what you KNOW you're worth? 

No more! Today is the day that you will unlock the vault to the invisible library of business and capital mastery. 

NOW is the time to fine tune your business model to attract and retain your ideal customer

An Accelerated, Immersion- Based
Strategic Marketing Program For Visionary Leaders

Why Should You Attend Dare to Prosper ?

Dare to Prosper serves to provide an analytical framework of your target market, competitive advantage, service offering, profit strategy, pricing model and your unique point of differentiation.

During our time together, you will Discover the secrets of how to be compensated for the value that you bring to other people's lives! You will learn the following and more!

Mindset Mastery
  • The Science of Getting Rich
  • How to avoid the 3 leaks that keep entrepreneurs poor
  • How to leverage the power of intuition to build a prosperous brand!
  • How to clear the childhood traumas that have been holding you back
  • The 3 Keys to Building a High Income Business
  • How to Sustain the growth of your business and boost your income!
  • How to transform clutter into clarity
  • Self healing: Mind, Body and Spirit!The difference between capital mastery and money mastery

Influence Mastery
  • How to understand what your audience wants and buys!
  • How to clearly present your business opportunity to investors in a concise manner
  • How to Mastermind Your Way to Millions
  • How to earn $20,000 a weekend teaching what you love!
  • How to fill seminars with interested prospective clients!
  • The right and wrong methods for following up with interested prospects!
  • How to increase your profits by giving money back to your customers!
  • Guaranteed ways to increase readership, boost response to your sales letters and ads…and make more sales!
  • Build valuable connections and network with business professionals, coach, speakers and more!
  • How to Find, Attract and Retain high value clients!
  • The little known method to locating your ideal target audience- so that you achieve maximum profit at minimum risk!
  • How to create your position of online influence
  • How to turn price shoppers into profitable sales – even if your prices are higher than your competitors!
Business Mastery
  • 7 Ways to Earn 7 Figures in the next 7 Months
  • How to make big profits during economic downturns – even during stock market crashes!
  • The fastest way to link marketing metrics to financial metrics
  • The single best investment that you can make when building an information empire!
  • How to select a profitable niche!
  • PR: Money-Pit or Brand-Builder: Seven questions to ask before taking the plunge. 
  • Getting Your Business Found in Google: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how does it work for your business and how do you best measure your return on investment.
  • The mechanics of assessing the lifetime value of customers
  • How to harness the power of joint ventures and alliances to gain a competitive market advantage
  • Building the Ideal Finance Team: The fundamentals of a solid finance function, choosing the team and more
  • How to mine the fortune that lies hidden in your customer and client files!
  • How to create and market information products that sell
  • How to build a financial empire without even leaving the comfort of your home!
  • How to leapfrog the market and make the competition irrelevant.  
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You are encouraged to make your reservations early

Come experience vibrant, forward-thinking, content-rich days of exploration, examination, learning, play, discovery, connecting, collaborating and your creative emergence!

Leave with the key to success! When we finish our time together, you will be fully equipped with principles, practices, approaches, frameworks and your customized "navigation tool kit" you can start applying to your work, life and business right away to help you create 7 figures in 7 months!

Kadena Tate is the ultimate resource! Kadena gave me an idea that I immediately implemented , and it added instant income to my bank account! Working with Kadena is like no other coach. She is a first class act, providing massive value through ideas and practical tools to increase both your income and self esteem! If you are looking for low cost, highly effective marketing strategies, call Kadena today!
Cheryl E. Cook, author of Small Business BIG RESULTS

Before I met Kadena Tate, I was a new coach who did not have any clients and I was not clear on how to market myself in my new business. Through working with Kadena, I found facility with marketing myself as a coach and now have greater levels of confidence and presence with prospective clients. Only three weeks after working with Kadena, I had a paying client. Now, I have a thriving business and I am not afraid to get out there and know I am worth it! I highly recommend working with Kadena. -Jeanette Ninyo, Wellness Coach,

“If you are looking for a smart, savvy, and highly knowledgeable business woman- then please look no further. Kadena Tate takes entrepreneurship to the next level . . . with offering you unparalled customer service and market knowledge. Not to mention, that Kadena will remain in your “circle” long after the sale . . . good people.” – Idora Caldwell, CEO, Caldwell Creative,

“When Kadena Tate became my business coach, I was feeling a strong urge that something in my life and business needed a change. Kadena used many resources and her expert skill to direct me to define my values, strengths and my brand. As we talked, she guided me to a deeper understanding of myself which led me to focus on what type of change I was searching for in my life and my business. In less than a year of Kadena’s coaching, I have a clear path which is directing my way to a lifestyle change. As a coach, Kadena helped me to focus and gently led me to having a direction for my life, all of which has given me an increase in my visibility, credibility and a significant increase in my profits. Kadena Tate is not the coach that follows the rules, she breaks them so that you can build more than a business, and you build a legacy! – Lucinda Cross

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Hear her interview with Pam Perry here:

Listen to internet radio with Pam Perry PR Coach on Blog Talk Radio

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