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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mental Disorder is nothing to play with! Charlie Sheen needs Help

If you have been around anyone has a mental disorder: bi-polar, manic depression, schizophrenia or any type of state that makes a person less than their best - you know it's not a laughing matter. 

Charlie Sheen: 'It's Not an Act'

Someone with mental illness can cause harm to themselves or others.  Those not in the "spotlight" have a hard time - imagine what it's like to deal with these issues in the spotlight.  It literally can make you MORE crazy!

One of my favorite artists, Phyllis Hyman suffered from depression and was found dead two hours before she was to perform at the Apollo Theater in New York in 1995. Such pain she must of felt to take her life.

Strange behavior should not be ignored or laughed at. Think about Judy Garland,  John Belushi, Michael Jackson - they were great entertainers - but their lives ended so tragically.  They were crying out in pain.

So instead of jumping to follow a celebrity who has some "issues" on twitter (Charlie Sheen broke the World Record the most Twitter followers in the shortest span of time), stop yourself. Don't add to the noise - instead try to influence others to help him. Or at the very least, don't take the bait of media who seem to "egg on" the antics of the disturbed. Ignore mess - and pray that they get help soon.  

Don't let this end up a sad case of a celebrity suicide - no one will be laughing or amused then.

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