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Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing a Book From Pain. Is that a Good Idea? Or just Therapy?

Book Cover
Writing and publishing a book is hard work. 

And when you are motivated to write the book because of the pain you've endured, you have to ask yourself  a few questions before you take the plunge.

1. Is this just to make "me" feel better and get this off my chest? Do I really just want the world to know how much I've endured and overcome?
2. Is this book something that I know will really benefit the reader or am I just publishing my pain - hoping it will give me power?  Can this just an article in magazine - does it really need to be a whole book?

There are several ways to sell a book. One at a time, telling people about individually or use current marketing techniques.
Because if you publish you want to sell it, right?  Writing is really just 10% of the process - marketing/promoting is the other 90%. 

For starters, you need YOUR OWN website and that has "findability." Meaning people can find your website based on the topic or your name.   It's not enough to be on the publishers website or amazon. People connect with people and they want to know about YOU.  After you sell them the book, now what? Do you speak? Do you consult? Give Workshops? What?  Your website is your window to the world. 

And also you need a Platform. See this blog post how to Build a Platform

And finally, you need to know that selling books out of trunk of your car or in the mall or getting a booth at a trade show is not going to make a dent in your literary career - unless you have a whole lot of time and money. The best way to sell books is online by creating a demand via the social networking sites and using SEO. 

Finally, the key thing - use your "real" name. Brand YOU. If you want to be known - no disguises. Be authentic. Be you. Don't be afraid to shine - but don't run people down to buy your book. Offer value, propose solutions. Not just "gossip."  Market yourself so that come to YOU.

This book is probably a good book, but I could NOT find it anywhere on the internet except on book sales sites. There were not any "third party" endorsements or "social connectivity" about the author either. 

How many other "good" books are out there - but you can NOT find unless you run into the author at the mall or at booth or book  event?

 Finally Unrestricted

By Nova
For Nova Wallace, life was never easy. Living in poverty, she became a single mom at fifteen, yet she still graduated high school on time. Her determination to provide a better life for her child energized her. She landed a job with GM and started her first semester of community college. Then, when she accepted a promotion, everything changed.

Nova’s new job soon guaranteed her financial security, and she bought a condo and a new Cadillac—only to have an injury on the assembly line set her back. She decided to pursue another career, going back to college and renting her condo to her youngest brother. But when a $10,000 bill for violations and fines showed up from her condo association, Nova knew the rug had been swept from under her feet.

Forced to take action, Nova sued her brother on the Judge Joe Brown show. It was just the beginning. She won the lawsuit, but huge legal fees remained. Determined to expunge them, Nova embarked on a journey of justice that left her entangled in personal and professional conflict. It was then that she learned the true meaning of life as an African American woman.

Spanning the course of five years, Finally Unrestricted is a brutally honest memoir of betrayal, redemption, and what it means to have a dream—and then lose it.

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