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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Les Brown - You Gotta Be Hungry & article about DREAM manifestation from EEW

Pam Perry, The PR Coach: She Says, "Work Toward your Dreams!”
By EEW Editorial Staff
A widely known and respected publicist, Pam Perry, Chief Visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions; a marketing, consulting, and public relations agency for Christian Authors, has been dubbed “The Connector and PR Coach.” Ask anyone who knows her well and they’ll tell you; this title hasn’t been given, rather, it has been earned.

Her elite author client list includes notable names like: Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Thomas Weeks, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Bishop Lyle Dukes, Pastor Andre Butler, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Dr. Pat Bailey and Pastor Bill Winston. She also works with, up and coming authors, who have something of substance to share.

In a recent conversation with EEW Magazine’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Dianna Hobbs, Perry struck a chord that resonated with Hobbs. “We were discussing what it takes to really be successful and see the manifestation of your God-given dreams,” says Hobbs. “Then, Pam read a powerful declaration to me that really grabbed my attention. I knew I had to tell my readers about it.”

To learn more about the declaration, click here.

As a result of that conversation, Ministry Marketing Solutions and EEW Magazine are teaming up to help women take real steps toward fulfilling their life’s purpose. “I want people to eliminate excuses, procrastination, and apathy, and do what they know they need to be doing to get the results they want in their lives,” says Hobbs.
The declaration will serve as a great way to help entrepreneurs, authors, and leaders remain focused, motivated, and dedicated to the task.

Perry agrees. “Success takes hard work. You have to have a plan, and work that plan,” she says. No doubt, she’s been working very successful plans on behalf of her clients since the establishment of Ministry Marketing Solutions in the year 2000.
You see, Perry, who is a veteran publicist, understands the key components of what separates average writers from best-sellers. She also knows that without hard work, dedication, and perseverance, it is virtually impossible to make an impact in the world.

But, it’s not only hard work. Perry understands that a sincere commitment to God and His will must be a #1 priority. Not only that, one's motives must not be selfish; rather, one must always seek to be a blessing to others.

In a recent blog post, Perry outlines “The Six Simple Steps to Success at Anything”. The sixth and most important step covers the importance of “Living to Give.”

She writes, “Most people think they will be happy when they get everything they want. But actually, the opposite is true! The more we live for self, the more miserable we become. Jesus said to His followers, ‘let him forget, ignore, disown and lose sight of himself and his own interests.’ (Mark 8: 34). When you are ready to experience real joy, give your life away. Live to give. Jesus did!”

Without argument, Perry has given her life to assist others in becoming all God desires them to be. No wonder she is making such a major impact for the glory of God!

About Pam Perry

Pam Perry is the Chief Visionary of Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.; a marketing, consulting, and public relations agency that brings a high level of understanding of positioning, branding, and promoting products and services that target the African American Christian Market (AACM). She is also the President/Founder of the Detroit Chapter of the American Christian Writers Association ( Her work has also appeared in Gospel Today magazine, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, CBA Marketplace Magazine, Precious Times Magazine, Michigan Chronicle and The Christian Communicator. She is the creator of Chocolate Pages.

To learn more about how you can benefit from the excellent services and solutions provided by this agency, and network with Pam Perry, log onto

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