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Monday, May 30, 2011

LaShanda Henry: Sista Sense Magazine Cover Catches Heat

OMG! What in the world? Why do black people always have to apologize for being black? But what’s so funny, our “SWAG” is always imitated…from our music, to our poetry, to our music, to the way we play basketball/golf/tennis – the way we talk – and to our colorful way we dress. Everything urban is cool!

AND…we are just “being ourselves.” What a sad day for a black person to send an email to tear down a sista who has done nothing but try to promote positive images and intellect via tech to thousands of black business women online all day, everyday!

I love the cover: See

I love Lashanda! She is being real. We should all do the same. Only the bold and courageous will! Thanks Lashanda. Do YOU girl.

It’s what we love about you. That’s what made Oprah a billionaire! YOU got next!

Lashanda Henry and Pam Perry - Branding Superstars!

1 comment:

  1. You have a beautiful giving spirit Pam, don't ever change. -lh




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