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Saturday, August 6, 2011

LEARN How to be More Creative!

Is Your Think Tank On Empty? How to be More Creative [Video]

“You don’t have a money problem, you have an idea problem.” – Dr. Mike Murdock

think different

Innovation. Creativity. Solution-drive strategies. Answers to issues. This is what people pay big money for. If you have an idea and put some action behind it – it can make you a millionaire. That’s the truth. Just look at history: Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Madam C. Walker to Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg.

Even on a job, you are rewarded with promotions and raises for having good ideas. But how do you get the creative juices running and revved up – especially in this economy.

Well, here are five tips to get you inspired and fired up:

  1. Read. I am a confessed bookaholic. I am usually reading about 3 or 4 books at the same time. Pulling out bits of inspiration from all. But even if you’re not a “book” person – read magazines. Subscribe to the ones that speak to what you’re passionate about. There is nothing like a good magazine where every page is filled with fresh new content that is gets you excited. The other thing that is sure to get you stirred up are online magazines, blogs and even some emails. Don’t ever get “overwhelmed” by information. It is the key to your creativity. Learn how to manage your emails and take time to read the RSS feeds of your blog subscriptions. Become an expert at scanning and hunting for information that may be the link to your next BIG IDEA.
  2. Move. Yes, get up. Exercise. Walk. Change your routine if you do exercise. Quit being boring. Take a dance class, do yoga or go swimming. Physical activities are great way send signals to the brain. Ever heard of the “runners high?” Those that run typically are inspired when they’re done because they have just released nature’s “feel good” drug to their brain. And the better you FEEL, the more creative you will become. Who ever had a GOOD idea, when they’re feeling BAD? So get up and move your body. Laziness drains you. Movement fuels you.
  3. Clean. You say, “yuck” but this can be very therapeutic and you’ll be amazed at the amount of energy that it releases because you’re putting things back in order. When you are organized – you will open up some space in your mind. An organized person feels the leisure (not stress) to find solutions to problems and answers to issues because they can think clearly. Clarity is a key to creativity. The more you “clear the deck” the more you can think without distractions. When your surroundings are clean, orderly and serene, you spark the ignition for innovation. No one can really think in a bunch of mess! Order leads to creativity.
  4. Visit. But not just anyone. Make a coffee-date with the most optimistic person you know. Vibe with a friend who always sees the glass half full. Go to a convention full of folks who are about business. Look online for a conference that speaks to your purpose. Or sit in on some webinars, teleseminars where you can hear the energy of the speakers sharing their passion. You must love learning. It is a way to push “reset” on a stale brain and expand your mental capacity.
  5. Change. Get an eyeful of new scenery. Go site seeing. Take off and go to a museum or just go on a long drive. Fully take in the atmosphere and learn to enjoy the small things in life. This is a surefire way to inspire you and take away doldrums. If you can take a vacation to an exotic place, go for it. Quit going to the same old place doing the same old thing. Enough of Disney. Go overseas or go to the Grand Canyon. See different. Be different. Get different results.

Finally, don’t forget to get quiet and really focus. In this information age where everything is moving at rapid pace, it’s important to unplug once in a while with a notebook and pen. Just doddle and let your thought wander and write down what you hear your inner voice telling you to do.

Don’t get so busy being busy that you don’t take the time to crack your creative code. You have tons of ideas waiting to be unleashed. Release your brilliance. Be driven – but first fill up your think tank and watch your life go to the next level.

How do you tap on your Creative side and refuel your think tank?

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