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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What the Heck? If it aint a real YES - then NO! [video] Time Management Article

Lately I’ve been running. I knew my life was getting in a hectic pace when I got my daily nourishment from “The Runner’s Bible: Spiritual Guidance for People on the Run.” I grabbed it off the shelf and threw it in my briefcase. “I’ll read a few scriptures it at my desk before I get started with my day at work,” is my logic.
Yeah right. I’ve been pacing myself on roller blades….my feet don’t seem to move fast enough. Is it just me or has the notch on the dial of time been turned up. Everything is moving faster and everyone wants stuff quicker!

We are all overloaded in this information age – at work and at home. Too much information can be distracting and we lose focus of what really matters. We all want to accountable and answer every piece of mail, voicemail and email but God is saying to put some of the messages on hold and get a hold of HIS message.

In the world we can be busy, frustrated and live very complicated lives. But God calls us to seek first HIS kingdom and all that we need will be given to us. When we are led by the Spirit of God, He will give us the grace, energy and time to do all that is required.

If we don’t open every email or answer every voice mail, God will redeem us. I live by the rule – if I didn’t get to it today, if it’s really important, they’ll call back. Some things are just not that deep. Don’t fret.
When I set my priorities according to what God wants – not by the schedules of others – I find I’m truly content. Be still and listen to where God is leading you. He will not let you stumble or fall. His grace is sufficient. 

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