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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TD Jakes, Woman Thou Art Loosed 2011, Dr. Cindy Trimm

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The Prayer Warrior’s Way focuses readers on the important prerequisite of intercession and prayer before engaging in spiritual warfare. This book enables readers to become versed in the prayer basics necessary for hearing from God for yourself. What is in these pages is what you need to know to be part of the most important conversation in the universe—the one going on in heaven about how to bring health and healing to humanity.

Brief Description

The Prayer Warrior’s Way shows us that God created us so He would have someone with whom He could communicate and share life. It is a field manual for those who want to be a privileged advisor fully participating in the big conversation of heaven for changing the cities and nations of this earth. It reveals that you must first learn to do battle in the trenches of your own personal life. You will never know how to win your city for Jesus until you know how to pray your neighbor into the kingdom. You will never hear the strategies of heaven for your nation until you know how to hear the plans and purposes of heaven for your own life. God has things He is trying to say to you right now, but many believers don’t know how to hear them. This book enables readers to become versed in the prayer basics necessary for hearing from God for him or herself. What is in these pages is what you need to know to be part of the most important conversation in the universe—the one going on in heaven about how to bring health and healing to humanity
Author Information
Cindy Trimm is a charismatic, motivational speaker, preacher, teacher, and former senator in the Bermuda government. She travels approximately 48 weeks a year, speaking at many conferences and events. She is very motivated, energetic, an aggressive self-promoter, and very interested in continued success as a key author.

Table of Contents
There’s a conversation that has been going on from long before this universe was even created—and there is something buried in each of our hearts that tells us we were created to be part of it. It’s a dialogue built into the very fabric of our DNA. We long for it. We yearn to be in on it. But despite giving our lives to Christ and being born again in the Spirit, we still don’t know how to plug into it.
In the revolutionary disciple’s prayer Jesus offered in this passage, He not only gave them an outline of what to pray for daily—a starting place for consistently knocking on the door of heaven—but also the means of transforming their own minds from men and women trapped in a world of doubt, oppression, and failure into a mind-set of heaven: one of faith, provision, and overcoming.
Part One—The Big Picture
1 The Great Paradigm Shift
As members of His family, we have the right to go to our Father and ask for His plans, strategies, and resources to fulfill our mission, assignments, and purpose upon the earth. Prayer is the conduit that not only reveals the will of God for our individual lives but also helps make us the people we need to be to do the impossible on the earth. It’s time to plug into that power like we never have before.
2 First Things First

3 What Should Be
Prayer is the most powerful place of spiritual growth. Sitting in church under good teaching is a wonderful thing, and applying the principles learned there is life transforming, but if you want to get to know God, your pastor can’t do it for you. You have to take Jesus up on His invitation to come hang out. You have to spend time with your physical eyes closed and your spiritual eyes open, letting Jesus show you what He really wants for you and the plans He has for you to impact your world. These are where we are handed the keys to His kingdom.
4 Mission: Impossible
As we persevere in this prayer, as the work of prayer finds its completion, we experience the answer: the grace and authority needed to overcome the difficulty floods like morning light into our spirits and souls. The answer comes in our hearts and we know without doubt it is taken care of, even if that answer is not yet manifested in the natural world.
Part Two—Praying Heaven Down
5 Enough
If you want to check a person’s level of commitment and spirituality, the easiest place to look is in four areas: how they manage their daily calendar, their finances, their relationships, and their destiny. These four areas make up the difference between a truly rich life and a life that is in spiritual poverty.
6 Freedom for All
If we have done the full work in our most intimate relationships, it is easier for other relationships to be all the more transparent and rewarding. It is much more effective to join in purpose with others for our work, social outreaches, or spreading of God’s kingdom than to constantly be competing with each
other. This is what the kingdom of God is all about. Proactive forgiveness, in practice, after all, looks a lot like love.
7 This Day I Will
Today has a place in eternity that no other day can take. There are things God has set for you to accomplish this day, and there are things the devil has appointed for you to be distracted by. What we do with today matters, not only for ourselves but also for those God has appointed for our lives to touch. Satan, on the other hand, would like to sideline us permanently, derail the will of God, and interfere with the formation of His kingdom.
8 Victory!
Being all God has called you to be begins and ends in prayer. It is in hearing from heaven—plugging into the big conversation—that God’s will for the earth today will be communicated to His people and put into action. Are you part of the fight to manifest God’s kingdom of wholeness, freedom, and sufficiency?

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