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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where Do I Go From Here? by Melonie Wallace

Where Do I Go From Here?
Your determination begins
 the drive to your destination,
God and your faith
 is the gas
that keeps you going and going 
the word hid in your heart
 is like a "GPS" being your guide.
Sometimes you will choose to go your own way
looking for something better,
looking to fill voids,
looking for validation,
and looking for a sign.

You turn to the GPS
and then you realize,
the compass has been pointing
right the entire time.
Asking yourself where do I go from here?

You’ve realized that on this journey
the roads vere,
Arriving at your destination
you’re finally here!
Off course a few years
been shaken by trails and fears
you remember that you have to keep going
because life doesn’t end here.

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