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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yolanda Adams - Never Give Up {Video} - HOW TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Five things to do…. To live your best life!

Own your dreams. Walk by faith. Live the abundant life.
It's time to be bold and get that "water walking" faith.

Don't stay stuck in a rut. Move to the next level by doing these following five things:

1. Listen and do what your mentors say. It could be a personal mentor or a business mentor. You can also get advice and instruction from your pastor or by reading an inspirational book. Authors provide a wealth of information - and Christian authors may be the vehicles God uses to get information to you.

2. Be teachable. You can learn from everyone. Never get too haughty to receive from others. The more you are willing to learn - the more people will share with you. If you seem like a know-it-all, you will be left out of key conversations and events that could change your life. Always be willing to build a bridge and tear down a wall. Don't limit God - He's trying to get the best to you. Stop resisting the better life.

3. Write your Vision.
Keep a journal and make it your best friend. Most successful people record their ideas, thoughts and plans. Post your goals up and visualize your future by cutting out photos that are what you see in your future. You will gravitate towards your most dominant thoughts and images that are kept in front of you. The more details you write of your vision - the more likely you will experience the manifestation.

4. Stay free of jealousy. Don't be a hater. If someone has what you've desired  - celebrate him or her. If someone is doing what you'd like to do - offer your support. Don't hate, celebrate. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Those who you celebrate you will duplicate. Success breeds success.

5. Keep your word. The faithful man will abound in blessings. Stay committed to the promises you make to yourself. Don't over promise or create unrealistic expectations - make progress by sticking to your plan and working your plan. Being consistent and dependable are God-like qualities that lead you to where you want to go. Remember that the race is not necessarily won by the swift but by those who endure until the end.
Stay in it to win it!
Pam Perry,

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