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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Courage: Look Fear in the Face and say No, GO!

Cowards crumble. Winners keep swinging. How much can you take? How much heart do you have? Are you willing to persevere for the prize? 

Winners don’t talk defeat – those in their corner don’t talk defeat either. They believe. They train. They pump themselves up. They prepare, practice and plan to win. Those that fail to plan – plan to fail.

I don’t know about you but this year has had my heart up in my throat with what has been going on in our economy. I have seen so many businesses close. From the grocery store down the street that I went to weekly, to the nail salon I patronized every other week. And they’d both been there for years!

It was an awakening too when I went to my favorite sandwich shop on Wednesday and went back on Friday – and they also had a sign in the window, “Out of Business.” No warning. Just gone. This was all within my community – which four years ago it was Voted by as one the Best Cities to Live in because of the economic opportunities.

And on Sunday we got the newspaper to look at the Christmas flyers but out fell a section about two-inches thick of all the homes in metro Detroit that are in foreclosure. Thousands of thousands of listings. It made me mad! I felt like Rocky in this clip!

So, what steps can you take to keep COURAGE?

1. Don’t be afraid of your shadow. Trust in God and build up your faith. Be strong and take courage. Do not be dismayed even though things seem hard and tough – know that you have God with you wherever you go. Just only believe.
2. Smarten up and sharpen up. You have to put in the time to learn. You have to train, prepare and get your groove back. Learn technology. Integrate, automate and delegate tasks where you can.
3. Figure it out. Information is power. Quit saying you “don’t know” and go get your Google search on. All the information you need is at a click of button on your computer. The more you know, the more you grow and this increases your confidence.
4. Be bold. Be fearless. Be willing to take risks. You have to risk to win. No one who is living large ever did so by going the safe route. Get out of your comfort zone. Quit being “shell shock” and get some CHUTZPAH, some gall, some nerve. Some audacity!
5. Believe in yourself. Know your worth and demand your value. Keep dreaming big dreams, doing your vision board and saying your affirmations. Who cares what others think or what they don’t do for you? Be true to yourself. Stay on your path and stay excited about your goals – no matter what.
6. Keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. If you have to stop to rest, rest in the Lord. He will give you strength. Don’t panic – know God has a plan. Keep doing your part – and know God always come through. He is our “Superman.”
7. Have a coach or mentor that pushes you. Have a network that celebrates you. Know what type of people to stay away from and know who you need to show more gratitude towards. Who you hang are around is who you will become. Don’t “friend” everybody and follow only those who “get it” and are going places, believing God for big things.

Pam Perry PR


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  2. This is jammed pack with a lot of great encouraging goodies that will help one to continue on their journey. Spoken from the heart of someone who really cares about people. Thanks Pam Perry it is just wonderful to be covered under the shadow of your greatness...My granddaughter Tayla looks at a show called Wubsy and one of the episodes had Wubsy as a hero so she started calling things she liked hero and she would say "candy hero" and "ice cream hero" day Janar, my daughter, called me and said when Tayla got in the car she said, "Grandma Hero!" I was sooo touched that I was up there with candy and ice cream! Well I say "Pam Hero!" God Bless!! ;-)

  3. I appreciate your encouragement. This is definitely something I needed to hear this week. Thanks so much, Pam.

  4. My book is not here yet so I really needed this encouragement Pam. I clicked this email right on time!

  5. Thank you for the comments......... I'm serious. Fear has to go. God's children REIGN!

  6. Soooooo Awesome, thanks for walking in your calling.




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