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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Video: Chance to Begin Again

 What happens when 2010 didn't turn out like you planned. It's called life. And you know what, you can start over.

At the beginning of every year we feel we are starting over with a clean slate. We typically have high hopes are looking forward to the bright future ahead.

Except this year a lot of people faced layoffs, decrease in revenues, foreclosures and even bankruptcy.

Does it mean we cave in? Does this mean we don’t dream? No. In the midst of adversity is the biggest opportunity – if you expect it.

Don’t keep your mind focused on the economy and how bad it is. What you dwell on expands. You will attract what you expect. Your most dominant thoughts, if negative, will cause you to live in lack and in fear.

So stop it! If you are a child of God, do you live by faith or by fear? Nothing is too hard for God.

Watch this video. 

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely, Pam. Leaving 2012 in faith and entering into 2013 with confidence 'cause I know HE loves ME. Alleluia! Thank you!




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